FIT 2018 | February 2018

Monday, 19 February 2018
Hiya! I'm back to share my February 2018 Fit pages! I blogged my January start here. And I'm happy to still be going strong on the decorative aspect to this project. Maybe not so much on the actual health and wellness side. Le sigh...But as my intention page said last month. I'm still going to keep working at it!

I filled out the journaling page to reflect back on my January. Since it's so black and white I went back with a yellow marker to highlight a few words here and there. I also paper clipped an additional 3x4 card to this because I really wanted to solidify what clean eating means to me. Used the Elle's Studio Icon stamp set for that little card.

Last month, I included a little calendar journaling tag (Elle's Studio 2018 Calendars) but didn't show how I was planning to fill it out. This photo shows you what my intention around this is. I'm using Cathy's Fitness Tracker stamp set to show what kind of exercise I did that day.

My favorite of the printable cards are the health/food/fitness and personal/emotional/whole being cards so I'm making sure to print those every month. For the past two months I've also been printing out the to do card but I might change it up next month. I also created a bunch of my own cards to add color. They're all yellow and they each have a quote.

This last page is my February creative prompt which I love! It's on my daily to do to write down one thing I'm grateful for every day. But I loved this list of 10 things to continue to reflect on. I have so much to be grateful for!

Cheers & Besos,

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